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Birthdate:May 14
Petra Arkanian is an outgoing and mater-of-fact person. She uses her influence like a sword and her saber wit like a shield. She holds herself with the unconcious grace of a soldier, and the pride there in. There is a slight sadness in her eyes though.

Petra Arkanian was created by Orsen Scott Card for his Ender's Game and Shadow series I do not own her and do not make any money from playing her.

Petra seems little more than a normal seventeen-year-old girl.... when she smiles, which she usually doesn't do. She usually seems quite older than she is. A fine scar, barely noticeable, runs across one cheek. Her arms and legs are thickly muscled. Her eyes are a deep brown, almost black color that emphasizes her strong nose and chin. She wears black slacks, deep red undershirt and brown jacket that have seen much use.

She is often followed by a black and white cat she calls Kit. Careful for your shoe laces, the cat doesn't seem to realize he isn't a kitten any more.

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